« To become eternal, and then die »

Art direction & layout

260 pages that includes such stories as:
• Photo essays by Anthony Dodds, Stacy Kranitz, Viktor Vauthier & Maxime Fauconnier
• An interview with John John Florence & Eric Yahnker
• An Immersion into the minds of Dane Reynolds, Jerome Campbell & Troy Elmore
• Essays on Billabong Pipeline pro & the new pro status of Youness Amrani
• Fashion editorials by Pierre David & Jason Lee Parry
 • Tyler Warren Home: We visit the home of long board & artist phenomen
• A reality experimentation with Jamie O’Brien
• Wild adventures by Kate Bellm & Jedd Cooney
• A Discussion & photo essays with an Iphone Hero, Zak Noyle & Collage addict , Brian Caissie
• A special fanzine section by Jerry Hsu, about his relation with his fans.
& much more.

Cover photograph by Anthony Dodds